Top 7 Backpacks for Backpacking

Top 7 Backpacks for Backpacking

Are You a Traveler, or someone who loves to Travel a lot? That’s Great. We know Travelling is a Hobby and a lot of People Love to Travel around the World and Love to explore New places. But when you are on to the Long Hiking You must need some essentials which you think would in a Good Condition During the Whole Trip.

BackPacks are One of the Main essential which you Buy or Think to Buy in the priority while Planning for the LongTrips.

We are Going to review Seven Best Backpacks for Long Hiking Trips on the various Parameters :

  • Fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Design
  • Why Choose it

First Back Pack in our List is :

1. Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag:

If you are looking for Smooth and Flexible travel Partner then Osprey Porter Travel BackPack is one of the Your Best options to Pick from.

1.Fabric: Very soft fabric which prevents your Body from the harshness as the backpack is covered with the has the lightweight rip store fabric which prevents it from dust, strain etc.

2.Lightweight: Yes, the Backpack is Lightweight which is the most important thing when you are going to the Long Hiking Trip so due to the ripped fabric used in the bag it is Light in weight.

3.Design: Osprey Backpacks are well designed. When you are going to long hiking trip but not want to look like the hiker Osprey bag is the best. it also comes in three different colors namely Black, red and green.

4.Why choose it: having a top pocket which is ideal for quick access and with the soothing space of 46 liters having different space for laptop and tablet and also foam padded sidewalls is surely an add on to make it a Good buy.

2. Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack 40L Flight Approved Carry-on Backpack:

1. Fabric: Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack is made up of the Polyester and have the Polyester Lining and this the biggest advantage as the Polyester is the water repellent so Your stuff in the bag will also be the water Proof.

2. Lightweight: Being a Traveler the weight is an Issue which is looking for but yes as the fabric is polyester and the bag is designed in such a way that it remains light in weight and you don’t feel any complexity while traveling.

3. Design: this backpack from shyness eagle have 1 front zip pocket with multiple interior slip pockets which ease your work of carrying from small stuff, the second compartment fits up to the most 15.6-inch laptop. It has two handles to carry the bag which makes it more comfortable you to carry in either way.

4. Why choose it: A bag with 3 carrying options and with 2 carrying handles, backpack strap which is padded with air mesh along with this it has 4 other straps which make it best buy. This bag from Hynes Eagle comes in Three Different [G29] [G30] colors i.e Black , Grey, Purple.

3. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack:

The Third BackPack in our List is Herschel Supply Co. Little America BackPack… Let’s Find Out its various Features :

1. Fabric: This Little America backpack is Made up of the Polyester Fabric which is Very Soft and instead of the Polyester Lining it have the Nylon Lining so Whichever is the fan of Nilon should pick up this backpack.

2. Lightweight: As it has the Polyester fabric in it and it has space for carrying your stuff up to 25 liters then this Backpack is also the Light in weight.

3. Design: Made with the Polyester Fabric it have the Magnetic Straps over it which gives it a unique look and the metal pins clips available. The main advantage of this backpack is having Front Pocket with hidden Zip and Second Pocket is also in the internal part with Headphone port.

4. Why choose it: a unique backpack with Leather magnetic Straps over it gives a completely different look and if you don’t have many essentials to carry while your traveling then this is the best as it only has 25litre of space but if you want some extra space then you have to look something different.

4. The North Face Jester Backpack:

The next Backpack which we are going to review is: the North Face Jester Backpack Let’s Find out whether its Fit in your Requirement or not?

1. Fabric: The backpack is soft and easy to carry as it is made from the soft Polyester Fabric which will not surely harm your back. This Backpack is basically used by college students but being a traveler you also enjoy it as it has a lot of space for you.

2. Lightweight: with the Good Straps on the back and Coated with the foam it is easy to carry and not having that much of space it is very lightweight and you love to carry it.

3. Design: With the Two Sepearte Slots for the Water bottles on the side and built with the polyester fabric its design is very smooth and has the boot space of 30 liters you will not miss your important essentials to carry.

4. Why choose it: Built with the Large Main Component which also includes the space to carry 15.6’ Laptop and having Bungee system to hold items that need to be easily accessible and also have the Hip straps that can be easily removable so with all these features available in a Backpack This is a Good Pick.

5. Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Daypack

The Next Beast which comes on our List Of Backpack is Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Daypack:

1. Fabric: This Backpack from Osprey as the name suggest it has Plus in it So it has a lot of Space to carry and the fabric that is used for the Front and The inner part is same and waterproof in nature.

2. Design: The Backpack is Awesome in design with the large Compartment which is used to carry a lot of essentials and this backpack can be made to use with other Osprey Packs.

3. Why Choose it: with the Main compartment have the lot of Space to put your Clothes or other essentials along with the Waterproof internal and outer compartment. it also have the space to carry the 15.6’ laptop very easily and a different shelf for the iPad. Color options are highly available.So after combining all these features, this backpack is a must buy for the High hiking Travelers.

6.Royal Mountain 20L/30L Unisex Hiking Backpack:

The next Back Pack for the Long hiking Trips is Royal Mountain Unisex Hiking Backpack :

1. Fabric: This Backpack have both the pockets and the inner compartment and both the parts are made up of the Mesh fabric which is soft and easy to carry. so there Is no issue with fabric part.

2. Lightweight: The Company Puts the Lightweight Quality in the name Itself and yes the backpack is soft and easy to carry and as one can carry the products to 20litre to 30 liters then this is not the backpack which becomes too heavy to carry.

3. Design: the Royal Mountain Unisex Hiking Backpack is Equipped with 1 main zipped compartment, 2 zipped front pockets, 1 zipped back pocket and 2 side pockets. Side pockets are used to carry the water bottles and Back part is also having the air comfort back panel.

4. Why choose it: It is the Lightweight Backpack in this category having Sufficient amount of space to carry also have the space to carry a laptop, tablet, mobile charger, notebook along with your clothes on the front panel. The fabric used makes it more soft and air comfort. So This is also a Good Backpack to Buy in this range.


7. The North Face Recon Backpack:

The Last Beast which we are going to review on the list is: The North Face Recon Backpack Let’s Find out how it is:

1. Fabric: The company is using the Nylon Fabric to make this backpack so Because of the nylon is used the Front and Back panel become so soft.

2. Design: The design of the backpack IS Smooth and you would definitely enjoy your travelling with this backpack. It has the front section with the space to keep your laptop safe and also have the back panel coated with foam to reduce the harshness. The shoulder straps are also coated with the foam to make it lightweight.

· 3. Why choose it: it have Padded, fleece-lined tablet sleeve located in the front compartment for quick access also have the second compartment and secure zippered pocket and elastic webbing for cord management. Variety of coloroptions are available to choose from so a good one for the hiking purpose.

So these are the best backpacks for Long hiking which you can choose by comparing various functionalities and features. So Happy Hiking..!!!!!